The Innovative Agency


Founded in 2021 by Federica Pazzano and Kevin Joiner, both with 15+ years experience in the creative industries, DARO Studio is a different type of agency with an innovative concept.

Looking for Media Consultancy?

DARO is a space to find and share ideas. We love the media industry and everything that is around it. We are ready to help you network, present your project, review your content, organize your event, or boost your sales. Everything within the Media Universe and beyond is our passion.

Do you need design and branding?

DARO Studio delivers you high quality creative projects within your budget. Using creatives located around the world, we assemble our greatest professionals for your project.


Are you a creative?

DARO is a hub for freelancers who want to keep their independence while having someone else taking care of the relationship with the client, the estimate and the invoicing.


Federica Pazzano

Federica Pazzano

Federica is a media & marketing specialist with 17+ years experience in the Movie & TV industry. Her skills go from strategize and managing marketing & communication campaigns to support business development and products distribution on the whole spectrum of off-line and on-line media.

Kevin Joiner

Kevin Dean Joiner

Kevin Joiner is a Creative Director with over 17 years of experience in design and brand management. His career has focused on building and maintaining strong and communicative styles for start-ups and multi-million dollar businesses.

Emanuele Milanini

Emanuele Milanini
Creative Director

Since 1999, Emanuele is in delivering high quality projects of corporate communication, branding, publishing, advertising and web design. He offers an integrated approach to the project: from information architecture to design.